The Newest technologies which clean out the Earth

Technology has been singled out as the saviour that is going to rescue the world from the misbegotten ways, redeem and put them on the right track to utopia. Today, the earth is full of many environmental issues which are brought about by the byproducts. Therefore, people are looking out keenly on the next big thing that will assist in addressing the problems. As such, the following technologies have been singled out as those who can help in cleaning the earth of its impurities both in the air, water and even land.

Nuclear Innovations

The technology of atomic energy tends to be the one holding the potential of a dramatic reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gas from most industries today. There has been a need to mobilise the technologies which tend to melt down and address the concerns with the reactors of the contemporary world like the wastes.

The nuclear reactors have been therefore found to be the ones capable of designing the firm’s Transatomic waste inhalation molten salt reactors of power. There are also the travelling wave reactors today to help in the same. The two reactors are designed in such a way that they utilise the conventional nuclear power byproducts as fuel.

That is to say that the nuclear fuel which could otherwise be stored elsewhere leading to pollution is used up. It also utilises the uranium instead of allowing it to be stored or used in other several applications like the ammunition which might lead to pollution of the environment. The two reactors also utilise modern technologies which are solely meant to avoid several meltdowns.

The GPS Which Are Solution Focused

The tracking of wildlife research animals is an activity which can be traced back to the days of John James who tried to tie a string around the leg of a bird to examine whether or not it would come back to the same point in the subsequent seasons. It is therefore evident that the tracking system has evolved from the strings to a more advanced level hence making it possible to use them to collect data which will be used to solve environmental issues.

One known organisation that tends to use this technology is called save the, and it is capable of utilising its software that is fitted with Google earth to achieve real-time elephants tracking. The information which is gathered by the software is being used in the creation of the migratory corridors based on the movement of the animal in this case.

Similarly, that information is utilised in setting up the virtual fence in which the officers from the wildlife departments are notified when the animals get closer to some ideal locations, including the farms. Following the tracking of animals, as they get into the places, the officers will always respond in real time to scare them away and hinder them from damaging the farmlands.

This tracking system is meant to clean the environment by ensuring that the elephants do not engage in any form of human-elephant wars and to avoid them from invading the local communities. In this manner, the technology reduces harm to the environment and its occupants.

Similarly, the leatherback turtle has also been tracked using GPS technology. This turtle is one of the most endangered species of animals in the water ad it is found in the Pacific Ocean. With this technology, the researchers have made it easy for the turtles to be protected from the unintended killings by the commercial fishermen. The technology is used to identify the location of turtles by the fishermen who then divert their fishing vessels to avoid them at all costs.

The Better Maps

For everyone who is involved in the conservation works of the earth, they are taking advantage of this technology, The Google earth engine. The Google earth engine has been utilised by many researchers to gather images of satellites as well as to free the Landsat data which they are used in the creation of the global map.

The map here tends to give the details ion the change on the forests from the top to the local level. This technology has made it possible to solve in days what would otherwise be solved in two decades by a computer. The cloud computing through the Google earth engine has made it easy to address forest damage issues today, hence concerning the natural forests.


The fact that digital migration has occurred in the world significantly, the use of digitally driven technology has been used to solve various life issues. The issue of environmental conservation, for instance, is not left behind. The above techniques when used correctly, it can help maintain cleanliness on earth. They are all aimed at achieving a protected planet which is free from pollution and other harmful products.