ISWA 2015 Conference Summary

The 2015 International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) conference took place in Antwerp, Belgium. The conference program aimed at sharing valuable information on waste management. It included presentations, training sessions, and masterclasses, going from general to specific examples. Recycling was a central point, with speakers discussing the use of waste as a resource. The program also included networking breaks and interactive activities. Thus the organizers facilitated communication between conference attendees.

The conference covered three major concepts:

  1. How poor waste management affects the world;
  2. General principles when dealing with waste;
  3. How to lead a professional waste management program.

The location for the conference was essential to its ultimate goal. Antwerp is an example of responsible waste management. Locals sort, recycle and reuse waste. As a result, less than 1% of waste ends up in landfills, the city sorts, recycles and reuses waste. Participants saw specific examples of how practical waste management functions.

The practical workshops and tech visits at different businesses impressed most attendees. Companies that collect and reuse waste to generate energy gained more attention. Marine litter was voted as the most sensitive issue addressed.

Ministers, CEOs, city mayors held speeches on waste collecting and reusing. Thus, ISWA participants received valuable information on waste collection schemes and public awareness campaigns. They learned to apply resource-oriented principles to their businesses.

Essential Takeaways:

Special thanks to the ISWA conference organizers for a well-planned program.