Construction and demolition waste prevention
Workshop - in cooperation with Renee Gratton

Two years ago already, the Global Construction 2025 Report by Oxford Economics forecasted that the volume of construction output would grow by more than 70% tot $15 trillion worldwide by 2025. China, US, India, Indonesia, Russia, Canada and Mexico alone will account for 72% of the expected construction meteoric growth.


The question is: Can all the sustainable development and resource or waste management bodies come together to address the root cause of this historically reactive industry, to generate a more constructive than destructive operating system?

Today, we have all that is needed to not only virtually eliminate the concept of construction waste, but even deal with operations and maintenance streams, responsibly in situ. The missing element has been the leadership for a universal change management strategy and plan.

In this workshop, we will present an overview of the Construction Resource Initiative's Council's international Mission 2030 and Intergration Calls to Action, aimed at changing the way we view and manage development resources and waste.

Discussions will focus on integration, which has not only influenced development, waste management, health care, automotive and other sectors but also social behavior and governance.
Attendants will both learn about and be able to engage in the above initiatives by sharing their knowledge on waste prevention motivators.

  • Regulatory and control mechanisms
  • Economic or market-based instruments
  • Fiscal instruments and incentives
  • Support, information and voluntary actions

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have a clear understanding of the following imperatives for sustainable development transformation:

  • WHY - Engagement of all people is the root cause of waste
  • HOW - Co-creating new integrative processes will help better manage resources
  • WHAT - Enablement of innovation for alternative resources will look like in 2030

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