Pierre-Yves Cousteau
The Cousteau Society

Tuesday 8 Sep

10.00 - 10.30

Cousteau Society
Founder of Cousteau Divers and IUCN Goodwill Ambassador

Founded in 1973 by Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the Society has more than 50,000 members worldwide. Under the leadership of President Francine Cousteau, the Society continues the unique explorations and observations of ecosystems throughout the world that have helped millions of people understand and appreciate the fragility of life on our Water Planet. Half a century of protecting water systems has expanded to embrace a wide variety of programs to encourage communities to achieve sustainable harmony with Nature as the Cousteau Label program.

Headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, membership-supported, not-for-profit environmental education organization, the Society is dedicated to the protection and improvement of the quality of life for present and future generations.

Pierre Yves Cousteau, son of Jacques-Yves and founder of Cousteau Divers, will talk about the impact of waste on oceans.

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