Wednesday Program

Keynote sessions
SS Fortis PA SS
9:30 - 12:00
SS Governance/international solidarity


Session around international policies, the use of policy targets and international solidarity.


Karmenu Vella (European Commissioner) - What approach sees the EU Commission for the future waste management policy?

Philip Heylen - The view from a politician, responsile for the local implementation of EU policy. Can international cooperation help us get all the low hanging fruit before we try to reach for the more difficult objectives?



Fortis Specific examples of circular economy


Flanders and the circular economy: different initiatives

James Wrap - Economic growth potential of more circular economies (TBC)


Woodard - Waste management in SME's: A barrier to the circular economy (TBC)

PA Debate: biomass for material or renewable energy?
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:30
CLOSING SESSION: Inspiring solutions for the future
ISWA'15 World Congress Antwerp, 7-9 september 2015

all day

meeting point / network point
ISWA house, Bourlaschouwburg Antwerp

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5
9:30 - 12:00
P1 Food Waste prevention and recycling

The challenge in large communities


Mike Gardner (WRARP) - The WRARP-UK love food - hate waste initiative (TBC)

Vivek - Food waste prevention in India (TBC)

Jane Gilbert - ISWA's Key Issue paper in food waste (TBC)

Q&A and debate


Danilo Vismara - Separate collection of food waste in Milan city (TBC)

Murad Qureshi - Managing London's domestic food waste (TBC)

Gabriela Otero - The CACC initiative for the city of Sao Paolo (TBC)

Wilbert Smeets - Composting and anerobic digestion in mega-platns: the case of SESA

Q&A and debate

P2 Communication


Koel Delie - Successfull communication on household waste management: the Flemish experience

Sarahjane Widdowson  - Social media, analytics and effective data usage - lessons from round the UK (TBC)

Gunilla Carlsson - Waste prevention, communication issues and the need for reliable and robust data - the Swedish perspective (TBC)

Sonia Dias - Engaging the informal sector, lessons from Brazil on the use of technology in communications and engagement

Woodard - Increasing recycling through effective resident engagement at mutiple occupancy housing developments: the Waste Its Mine Its Yours project



Friege - Best practice WEEE collection systems in Europe (TBC)

Borthakur - Electronic waste in India: disposal behavior, public awareness, opportunities and challenges (TBC)

Dos Santos - Improving the reuse potential of electric and electronic devices (TBC)

Von Gries - Analytical framework for the integrated assessment of reusing WEEE (TBC)

Vermoesen - Belgium at the top of post shredder technology to achieve the WEEE and ELV recycling ojectives (TBC)

P4 Recycling & waste minimization


Bjorn Appelqvist, Andreas Bartl and Jeff Cooper - Definition of recycling: preparing a level playing field

Jo Buekens - Big data in the waste management sector

Almut Reichel - Waste prevention in Europe: an update on progress

Geert Boonzaaijer - Reversing the waste collection system: the experience of Arnhem

Mark Leemans - The 100-100-100 project: 100 households, 100% waste free for 100 days

Rolph Hultermans & Maarten Goorhuis - The ISWA sorting plants project

P5 How to get published + WM&R papers


The fundamentals of preparing a manuscript for publication in an academic journal

Loisa Morphy (SAGE publications)

Young professionals
9:30 - 12:00
Clean Environment Regulator's Roundtabel
Invitation only

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