Resource Management

There is a strong focus on Resource Management globally and with the shift to a Circular Economy also the Waste Management Sector has to find its new role and investigate how it can contribute to this transition.


ISWA established the Task Force to identify opportunities how Waste Management could have the most efficient involvement into the Circular Economy, possible ways how waste management could be integrated into resource management and what are the barriers that have to be overcome in order to succeed.

With this goal, the Task Force conducts six studies which scope includes determining the contribution the Waste Management Sector is already making to the Circular Economy/Resource Management, the recovery and use of secondary raw materials, fuels and energy, and fertilizers and carbon matter, respectively. The reports will also include considerations for preventing waste generation. The main focus will be on the deliveries of goods by the waste management sector and the market interfaces between waste management on one side and the manufacturing and agricultural value chains on the other.

Target Group Audience:

- Politicians and policymakers making decisions related to environmental policy, green economy or waste and resource management related issues.
- NGOs and organisations involved in issues related to resource efficiency and the green economy.
- Waste managers and ISWA members needing to be better informed about resource management.

A Special Session on Resource Management was held at the ISWA World Congress in Sao Paulo in 2014 which introduced the Task Force.

The Special Session at the World Congress 215 in Antwerp will serve as the official forum to present the results of the Task Force work. The focus of the session shall be on interaction between the audience, speakers and the panelists with the support of interactive tools to ensure as much as possible.

Structure of the session:

Welcome and introduction of the Task Force on Resource Management - Björn Appelqvist

Welcome by the session moderator and introduction of the panel members - Ana Loureiro

Presentation of a summary for all studies - Björn Appelqvist

Panel discussion. Panel members:

Bettina Kamuk / Tore Hulgaard
Andreas Bartl
Josef Bart
Costas Velis
Martin Brocklehurst
Peter Borkey (OECD)
Elisa Tonda (UNEP)

Followed by a panel discussion including questions from the audience

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